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Look deep into the eyes of any animal, and then for a moment, trade places, their life becomes as precious as yours and you become as vulnerable as them. Now smile if you believe all animals deserve our respect and our protection, for in a way, they are us, and we are them.--Philip Ochoa, Board Member, ALL FOR ANIMALS

Sentience is described as having awareness - being conscious. It’s an ability to know pain and joy.

The folks at La Bella Bête believe, as many cultures do, that animals are sentient beings, capable of feeling. Just watch a dog drop his head and tail, or wag it while appearing to smile.

You can’t help but agree that they experience joy as well as suffering. Plus, their boundless capacity for love and forgiveness offers us a priceless example of a behavior we humans are rarely able to achieve as yet.

So when a pet is brought to La Bella Bête, its emotional welfare is as important as its physical appearance. We want your baby to head home after their grooming experience, with a shiny coat and a waggy tail!

So we have fur blankets on the grooming table and mellow music playing in the background. We provide warm, steamed blankets for after the bath and an old comfy easy chair is used to groom a fur baby’s pads and nails, instead of a steel table.

It’s not uncommon to find the owner sitting cross-legged on the floor, trimming the nails or pads of someone’s furry baby, while the baby sits in her lap. “I tend to be one of those folks who colors outside the lines a bit” (she laughs) “and when the animal is more comfortable, the entire process is painless for everyone involved.

So why not sit down? Enjoy the little sweetie! Give them a chance to get comfortable and feel safe, while taking care of grooming needs. That way, everyone

“When a pet is brought to a groomer for the first time, it finds itself in a very uncomfortable situation. They have been separated from their known family, and placed on a foreign table in a strange room with a unfamiliar human. They don’t know what is about to happen to them, and can only hope the human with them, will be kind. As a groomer, I see their eyes looking at me with a mix of apprehension, and that inkling of hope that causes their tales to tentatively wag.”

“I absolutely and completely love working with animals! If you have introduced me to your baby, you’ve seen it for yourself! Each morning, when I begin thinking of those sweet energies who will be visiting me for a bit that day, I smile. Grooming is the first occupation I’ve ever known, that causes me to spring out of bed, eager to begin my day. Those sweet furries make me laugh, and melt my heart – so, not a single animal leaves my table without a loving touch, a gentle word and…as long as they don’t mind, a kiss. That’s as important to me…because the grooming experience can, and should always be, a positive one.

“The name, La Bella Bête, translates to The Beautiful Beast. Here, we believe all creatures are beautiful. It is our greatest hope that you will offer us an opportunity to meet and know your furry family member. We promise to bring out their natural glow, while treating them with respect and love.